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PaperTrail centralises your work into a simple, comprehensive online dashboard. Track conversations, send emails and documents, automate and assign tasks, record conversations and optimise workflows with ease.

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Never miss an email.

Reduce response times and improve customer experiences by tracking emails and attachments in PaperTrail. All employees relevant to the project can be notified and act when appropriate.

Emails within PaperTrail
Custom fields within PaperTrail

Customise PaperTrail to suit your business.

Adding custom fields or forms allows you to speed up workflows and capture data about your project. Custom fields can be used to automate tasks like sending documents, emails or SMS messages.

Speed up document creation.

With custom fields, you can create templated documents with your company branding in just seconds. Invoice creation is just a click away.

Documents within PaperTrail
Reports within PaperTrail

No more boring reports.

No one gets excited about reports but we've made the process of reporting a breeze. Automatically have your custom reports delivered to your inbox or run them in your PaperTrail dashboard.

Maximise your time with automation.

With PaperTrail, you can automate previously manual tasks, such as sending SMS reminders to clients or sending emails when a project status changes. Import new work using our powerful API.

Automation within PaperTrail

Access PaperTrail anywhere.

You and your team can work anywhere using just your phone, tablet or PC - no other hardware or software is needed. PaperTrail is available 24/7.

Fully compliant and secure.

PaperTrail uses the same encryption standards as banks. Our commitment to security is exactly why we’ve included security features such as access management and two-factor authentication.

Your data protected.

PaperTrail protects your data by routinely checking it's integrity and carrying out regular backups during the day. Never worry about logging off, changing tapes or unexpected system slow-downs.

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£ 29 /mo
per user
Up to 5 users
1000 projects
10GB data storage
1000 emails
100 SMS messages
Daily off-site backups
Technical support
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£ 39 /mo
per user
Up to 50 users
Unlimited projects
100GB data storage
10000 emails
1000 SMS messages
Daily off-site backups
Technical support
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£ 49 /mo
per user
Unlimited users
Unlimited projects
Unlimited data storage
Unlimited emails
Unlimited SMS messages
Daily off-site backups
Priority technical support
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Do you offer a bespoke setup?

Yes, we recognise that no two businesses are the same, so we work with you to understand your business and customise PaperTrail so that it's bespoke to you.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel at anytime, there is no minimum contract. We also offer a service to help migrate your data to another provider should you wish to.

Do you offer a free trial?

We tailor PaperTrail to meet your business needs so we do not offer a free trial at this time.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer a flat 15% discount for verified non-profits. Please send us a message to see how we can help.